Grease Trap Cleaning

Grease Trap Cleaning

Uneek Septic Services is a women-owned business that has been providing grease trap cleaning services In Colorado for over ten years. Our team will take care of any permits, plan reviews, and inspections from start to finish. Give us a call today for a quote or to set up an inspection.

 Grease traps are essential for an establishment wanting to smell good so your customers keep coming back. However, they can become an annoyance when it’s time to clean them. Having a local grease trap cleaning service you can trust can save you a lot of time and money over time.

 Grease trap cleaning refers to the process of collecting grease waste and other food particles from your unit so they don’t end up in the sewer line. Under-serviced grease traps can lead to lost profits if you’re not able to serve customers. Restaurants with garbage disposals are most at risk for possible backups since food usually ends up down the drain.  Over time, the grease and food particles fill up the trap, and the sewage line clogs.


Grease traps can fill up quickly—something no restaurant or kitchen wants, especially during busy meal services. It’s advisable to have your staff conduct a cursory cleaning of the trap at least once a week to avoid backups and keep maintenance costs down. In general, you should clean your grease traps every 4-6 weeks, unless your city or state regulations say you need to clean your traps once a month.

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with trying to clean the trap yourself. However, this is often a tough and messy job. When in doubt, hire a reliable company like Uneek Septic Services to regularly maintain and clean your grease trap.

It’s also vital to consider replacing the system if you find it’s always backing up, stops filtering grease from your water, causes your kitchen to smell bad, or just becomes too hard to clean.


Whether you need cleaning, service, or disposal of grease waste, Uneek Septic Services provides preventative measures to ensure your grease trap works when you need it.

For any grease trap questions or concerns, contact Uneek Septic Services, and one of our nationally certified technicians will be happy to assist you.


Knowing where to dispose of grease is crucial before starting any grease trap cleaning process. The worst thing is to begin cleaning and not know where you will put all that grease. Grease trap waste should be recycled using proper grease or oil waste bins.  Our dedicated team will ensure that grease waste is disposed of properly, using state-approved regulations and guidelines. After collection, our team will ensure we take any grease waste collected to only designated and registered processing sites.

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