DIY septic repair vs. hiring professional septic service

DIY septic repair vs. hiring professional septic service

Ready to star in an episode of TV’s “Dirty Jobs?” If so, you may want to tackle repairing your septic tank, although we strongly advise against it. In addition to being dirty, it’s also dangerous do-it-yourself work that could end up costing thousands of dollars to fix if it isn’t done right.

Luckily, there are septic system companies to handle any repairs you may need, in addition to performing yearly maintenance. We’re here to help you decide which is best for you—DIY septic system repair or hiring a professional.

Septic system 101

Before you start binge watching YouTube videos and contemplating a DIY repair, it’s important to understand how a septic system works: Basically, it’s a watertight container (made of concrete or reinforced fiberglass) that’s buried underground to hold and dispose of household waste. Solid material falls to the bottom of the tank and forms a layer of sludge, while organic material turns into a liquid that floats to the surface of the water inside the tank.

The leftover water then moves to a separate absorption area in the yard through what’s called a drain field or “leach” field. Perforated pipes take the waste and distribute it across your yard as it trickles out. The soil filters out the harmful bacteria and reintroduces it back to the water table.

Are you well-versed in the language of septic tank components? Just a few that make up the complex system include: pumps, outlet baffles, filters, fittings, lids, PVC pipes, aerobic, anaerobic, bacteria, aeration systems, and more.

Proper installation and repairs aren’t as easy as they may look online. Recently, one homeowner proudly installed a gravity septic system, only to realize afterward that the lateral pipes he had installed went uphill (instead of downhill) from the tank.

If you are going to attempt a DIY repair, you will first need to check the websites of your local health department and state environmental agency to learn what procedures you need to follow.

Hire a professional and stay clean and safe

Septic system repair professionals will get the job done quickly, safely, and correctly. They are experts in this specialized field while most homeowners are not, and they guarantee their work. A bonus is that the repair person will also have the experience to not only make the needed repairs, but to also advise you on maintenance options to help keep future repairs and costs to a minimum.

Peace of mind for your family

The best way to avoid the need for repairs is to use proper treatment solutions, get an annual inspection by a professional and have the tank pumped every one to five years, depending on its age, size and the number of people in your home. Repairing a septic tank should never be a DIY project. Septic tank professionals use specialized equipment to do their jobs, and they rely on industry experience and knowledge to complete their tasks. When you do need a repair, we recommend hiring a professional for peace of mind for you and your family. Call Uneek Septic Services today to make sure your septic system repair is done right the first time!